in Erolzheim (Kreis Biberach an der Riß)

Evangelische Tagungsstätte Bad Boll
in Bad Boll

Gästehaus Sankt Theresia
in Eriskirch

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With a premium entry, you can present yourself on our websites and specifically for bus or tour groups, making it easier to find potential business partners. Through various filters and search options, the tour operator / bus operator has the opportunity to easily find the right hotel for his bus group and to make new contacts in the hotel industry. But even end customers and non-partners will find the right hotel in our hotel database because the use of this area does not require a OVZ-partnership and thus the resonance is increased many times over.

As a hotel with premium-entry, you have the option to upload a total of 33 images in 8 categories, four images per category plus one on the main page, and you can place promotions and special offers to show the benefits of your house, highlighting distinctive features that make you more attractive for organizers.
Your special offers will be sent to our bus partners by e-mail at least once a week via our newsletter.

In addition, rour entry will be displayed alternately with other premium partners on our homepage and all sub-pages.
By the way, a premium entry on our pages certainly has a positive impact on your Google ranking!

Price premium entry: annual 99,00 € plus VAT with SEPA direct debit.